A new name, new website and (soon) a new shop and lounge

When CyTECHS was launched in early 2016, I was simply pursuing a passion for mechanical precision without compromise. In this case, it was to take care of bicycles and customers in a way that I would want me and my bike to be cared for.

I was so happy there are others – like yourselves – who valued that approach and referred like-minded customers to us. From my view, the common thread that connects our customer base is the unapologetic love of all things cycling ... from the shiny bike glistening with exotic parts to the fully matched kits. You know you’re more than just cycling enthusiasts, right? You’re all fanatics (myself included), and some might even call us zealots.

And because of your patronage, great suggestions, and a simply drive to pursue improvement, I decided to offer more in terms of service, product and an overall experience. So, just a few weeks ago, we found a great spot in downtown Danville to grow our little business.

I have a LOT of work to do over the next couple of months; but by mid-October, we’ll be able to offer a state-of-the art bike fit studio, a well-equipped service area, some cool bikes, and a sweet place to hang and geek out with other fellow bike zealots.

Lastly, as a nod to my fellow cycling-obsessed friends and customers, we are changing the name of our company to Zealot Cycleworks. I’ll be posting updates on our official opening in the coming weeks. Starting August 28, 2017:

  • Visitors will be directed to the Zealot Cycleworks website (www.zealotcycleworks.com)

  • We’ll be converting our email and social media presence to Zealot Cycleworks; and

  • We’ll also be introducing NEW BIKES for sale (more to come)

In the meantime, we’re still offering the same responsive mobile bike service you’ve come to expect. Don’t hesitate to contact me at (925) 725-1268 if you need your bike serviced.

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