Just Say No to Bike Abuse

Bike abuse awareness, education and prevention is an important goal for us at CyTECHS. Ironically, the most well loved (i.e., most often ridden) bikes face the greatest potential for neglect. Many bike owners aren't aware that nearly all bike components on a bike either wear out (and need replacement) or require vigilant proactive maintenance. Take this Specialized Stump Jumper for instance ... its owner loved it so much that he couldn't part with it long enough to have it serviced. Among a myriad of other ailments, the suspension and bearings on this poor bike were completely worn out by the time it came in for care.

So you all know, this causes your bike mechanic to die a little on the inside each time. Just remember that you have your family and your friends, but your bike only has you. Fortunately, with significant rehabilitation and assurances for future proactive maintenance, we were able to coax this machine back to its former glory (last two photos).

A proud and rehabilitated Specialized Stump Jumper, ready for the trails with its owner.

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