Mountain Proofing a Mountain Bike

Mountain proofing your mountain bike

In fall 2016, we were thrilled to be able to offer InvisiFrame frame protection products and application services to our customers. And just in the nick of time - we've been madly mountain-proofing mountain bikes during this long wet winter so their owners can play worry-free in the elements.

Each InvisiFrame frame protection kit is custom ordered for each bike, specific to its manufacturer, model, size and paint finish.

InvisiFrame custom-cut vinyl film

In a clinical environment, every bike component is carefully removed from the bike frame and carefully set aside.

The "dirtier" components are placed are isolated from the others.

The "simple" principle is to wet the tape with a special solution and position it on a wet bike frame.

InvisiFrame protective film application

And carefully, with the patience of a saint, use a special squeegee to methodically remove all water and air bubbles from underneath it.

InvisiFrame protective film application

Ideally, allow at least a day for the InvisiFrame application to "cure." Admittedly, we've allowed clients who suffered severe separation anxiety to take their bike home before the end of the curing period.

InvisiFrame protective film application

Once the protective film has cured, the bike is rebuilt from the ground up based on our knowledge of the particular bike. The application of InvisiFrame is really an art form with tips that we're happy to share; or if a DIY approach just isn't in your wheelhouse - contact us and we're happy to help (

A mountain-proofed Santa Cruz Bronson CC

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