Tai holds a Bachelor of Science in Manufacturing Engineering and certifications in Professional Repair and Shop Operation, Advanced Wheel Building, and Suspension Technology from the United Bicycle Institute. Tai is also a F.I.S.T. certified bike fitter. 



F.I.S.T. Certified Bike Fitter

Tai Williams, Chief Zealot

After 20+ years as a medical engineer and start-up executive, Tai decided to pursue his passion for bicycles and create a company for those who subscribe to his unapologetic obsession with high performance and mechanical precision.  The company began in 2016 as a mobile bike service and within 18 months, the business grew to offer more of what his followers wanted: more products, service, and a place for cycling fanatics hang out.   
Dimas Pinos

Director of B&B

We will let you take a guess at his title, but on a daily basis, Dimas serves as the indispensable operations manager who handles everything from sales and services to bike fitting.

Morgan Segal

Director of B.S. (Bike Style)

Aside from being the shop's photographer extraordinaire and social media manager, Morgan is the resident bike aesthetic expert.  Uncertain about the stem height?  Just ask Morgan.  

Jonathan Smith

Chief Velo Officer

Jonathan's passion is to test and then acquire the world's best built bikes for the shop.   As a retired marketing executive, he helps to bring to fruition the vision of a space designed for (and by) cycling fanatics. 


Director of Suds & Vino

Greg is our chief beer and wine advisor, curating the drink selection we enjoy at Zealot Cycleworks.  We can also thank Greg for coordinating the club's lunch rides every Monday.